Pain Management

5 Challenges in Pain Management

Living with pain is never fun, it’s horrible and at times pain management is not easy either. Whether you have been seriously hurt and left with chronic pain or just suffer from terrible pains from occasions, it will be important to find a way to deal with the pain. However, for many doctors and nurses, they are struggling to deal with effective pain management but it is because of new challenges they face. What are five challenges in pain management therapists’ face?

Spotting the Pain Quickly

For a pain therapist or doctor, …

upper back

Exercises for Upper Back Pain

The following exercises help prevent upper back and neck pain by strengthening the muscles in your upper back and neck, as well as the supporting muscles in your shoulders and chest, thus reducing the chances of strain and injury to your upper back and neck.

Take note: if you are already suffering from upper back pain, or have a pre-existing health condition (such as osteoporosis), please consult with your doctor and/or physical therapist (physiotherapist) before starting your exercise regimen.

As with any exercise program, in order for you to experience the lasting …


Chest Pain when Coughing

That sharp and stabbing chest pain you experience when coughing may be due to two main causes: a) muscle or joint-related, or b) bacterial or viral infections.

Muscle or Joint-Related

When you engage in over-strenuous workouts or activities, you may end up with strained or cramped muscles in your chest or between your ribs, which will in turn cause pain when you more information at

Excessive coughing in and by itself may also damage or strain your chest muscles, resulting in your chest feeling tender/painful when you press the …

Chest pain

Chest Pain when Breathing

Chest pain when breathing should be taken seriously, as this could be a symptom of a serious health condition.

Even though the pain as it is in the chest, the cause may or may not be heart-related. It may also be due to conditions or diseases affecting the lungs, other parts of the chest, or even mental/emotional stress.

If the pain is heart-related, it could be due to angina, which is a squeezing chest pain arising from insufficient blood flowing to the heart and the heart muscles becoming oxygen-deprived as a …